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Welcome to my Skratchpad!

     Welcome to my Skratchpad. Your choice of three flavours; ART, pro works, and CONNECT. Those links are found on the top and bottom of every page. Connect is empty since this design launched, but ART has had farily regular updates. It's divided into a current and archived work. email and the button back to this main page are on the bottom left hand corner :) Featured image to the right with a full-view link to see.. well, the full image. Quick updates found below that. That about sums up the greeting message. Have fun!

Feel free to leave comments in the BBS, as I'm more likely to answer you there than if you send me an email.


quick update: tired. 3:30am. need sleep. but I have 8 new pieces in Art 2003 for ya. enjoy.

And Happy Halloween!

this update: ramblings, 8 new in art 2003 (again)
last update: ramblings, 3 new in art 2003

-Jen :)         

see the full image.

03.11.01 > art 2003 . ramblings
03.07.25 > art 2003 . ramblings
03.05.25 > art 2003 . ramblings
03.01.07 > gamedata 2002 . ramblings

Recent Works
Battle of the Planets: Mark I did the background colours. From TopCow
Battle of the Planets: Jason I did the background colours. From TopCow
Rotogin #1 from Image Comics
Marvel Encyclopedia Vol. 2: XMEN I did 50+ character colours in there
Spider-Girl #53 cover!
Robin #107 cover!

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Jen's Skratchpad

Jen's Skratchpad

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