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Here's a listing of all the professional pieces I've done. Nothing fancy, just a list. Newest is at the top.


(W) Jason Lee (A) J. Korim (I) GJ Aguila, Cover A by Jason Lee - Cover B by J. Korim
Eight Issue bi-monthly finite series // Order Codes: FEB031234 (Cover A), FEB031235 (Cover B), PROMM0673 (Incentive Cover)
[site] | notes: cover B is coloured by me!


Featuring more than 350 fully illustrated biographies, the X-MEN ENCYCLOPEDIA is a comprehensive guide to these world-famous Marvel Comics characters their mysterious origins, their incredible powers, their titanic struggles and their hidden tragedies. // pgs: 240, ISBN: 07851-1199-9
[site] | notes: I coloured over fifty of the characters in there, including Lilandra, Black Tom, and more...


Marvel Comics
Check those back issue bins!
[site] | notes: yay Cover colours by me!!

ROBIN #107

Written by Jon Lewis; art by Pete Woods and Andrew Pepoy; cover by Kevin Lau
The giant, creepy creature known as Charaxes hits town -- or does he? Before he was transformed into Charaxes, he was Killer Moth. Now, his legacy is running about town, and mystery abounds as a series of crimes is committed simultaneously -- by the same man! Meanwhile, Spoiler receives a piece of news that will change her life forever, and an old pal of Tim Drake's returns.
[site] | notes: I coloured this cover

VAMPI #15, #18, #20-25 (finished)

Written by DAVID CONWAY with art by DAVID AHN, ALAN TAM and ERIC VEDDER. Cover by KEVIN LAU.
a montly series, finished.
[site] | notes: really, I did the colours even if they don't seem to list it on their sites.. it's in the book, I swear!

PSM August 2000

Art by Sam Liu, Colours by Jen Chan
Part of the Top 10 Villans
[site] | notes: and again!! Thanks Sam!

PSM July 2000

Art by Sam Liu, Colours by Jen Chan
Part of the Annual Swimsuit Issue
[site] | notes: PSM.. how cool is that!?

DARKMINDS Vol2, #1-5

(W)Ken Siu Chong (A) Omar Dogan (I) Rob Armstrong (C) Jen Chan
SIU gets in the action again with Nagawa and his new partner, Mai. The Paradox murders begin anew, but who could it be?
[site] | notes: my first gig ... evah.

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